So the old transmission web-gui is pretty outdated and not that good looking, after browsing around on the internet I found this new GUI that has way more features and is more visually pleasing. So to install it you just execute these commands: https://github.com/ronggang/transmission-web-control/raw/master/release/tr-control-easy-install.sh sh tr-control-easy-install.sh This is what It would look like after.

I couldn't help but notice how the graphics of the latest version of the beta on how its been significantly downgraded.   Here lets look: BDEF03C542B11F82A85D9061F2FDA8D730800F0C I took this screenshot with my personal rig with an i7 5960x and two titan x's in

Transmission is one of the most widely used bittorrent client that most linux servers and seedboxes use. This guide will show you how to install this software on your own linux server, instead of paying a company a premium to set this up for you. There are few very simple steps on setting this up properly, please follow the guide accordingly and you will have no problems getting this set up and running.   Depending on your version of Ubuntu, you may or may not have the python-software-properties package installed so let's install that first, if it says that it is already installed

Hello,   Today marks a good day as the blog is now re-opening and starting fresh. Our old servers were not working properly so we decided to move to a managed hosting provider so we should be good to